Chubby Skinny Kids


Dan Gregor Doug Mand Adam Pally

Chubby Skinny Kids is a production team based out of NYC, unless we’re in Los Angeles, then we’re based out of Los Angeles. Formed from members of two long running UCB Theater sketch troupes Hammerkatz & Hot Sauce, Adam Pally and Doug Mand were roommates and Dan Gregor was homeless and sleeping on their couch. The three made a 5 minute pilot demo called WE ARE INTERNET MILLIONAIRES that was bought by ABC/ Touchstone, where they developed and wrote a pilot with Gabe Sachs & Jeff Judah (Freaks & Geeks, Just Shoot Me). Chubby Skinny Kids has since developed a TV show for Endemol Productions called SELL OUTS which they’re currently producing with CW an Paramount. Additionally, Chubby Skinny Kids is working on a feature film script for Universal/Imagine Entertainment, and an independent feature for Endemol Productions. Additionally, they make a bunch of random funny stuff for the internet… but hey, you’re on the internet, you knew that already.